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We are fortunate to have made relationships with many world class musicians. We are like any other website on the internet. We may give some artists consideration for their endorsements but not all. We do not accept paid reviews or fake reviews claiming to be something they are not. Keep checking back as we frequently add new artists.

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Bobby Ferrara 

"At any experience level, the Guitar Wheel is a useful tool for understanding theory. It’s fast and easy to understand; no musician should be with out one!!"
Matt Beal

"It's a great learning tool. The Guitar Wheel is the real deal."

Michael Elsner

Eric Meyer

"Very cool tool! Easy to use and INVALUABLE! Get your music theory and get busy writing better music!"
Michael Felder of the Band Mortar Reign

"The answers to the test."
Mykill Mayhem of the band Sister Kill Cycle
Eliott Janz

"The Guitar Wheel has really helped me on my music theory. When I started playing guitar by ear, I always felt like something was missing from my playing.The thing missing from my playing was knowing the music theory. The Guitar Wheel helped me gain confidence and skill. Thank you Guitar Wheel!"
Elliot's Myspace
Brev Sullivan & Crystal Fawn of Featured on Fridays

"The Guitar Wheel is the ultimate songwriter and musician's companion.” 

Performers, session players, teachers/clinicians at Paul Green's School of Rock in Miami, Florida.

Featured on Friday's Myspace
Featured On Fridays Web site

Tommy Bolan, Los Angeles, CA, is the lead vocalist/guitar player of the band N.Y.C and their new album ZYKO is out now! Tommy is former member of the bands Warlock and Freight Train Jane.

Tommy is passionate about guitar training, as well as touring, recording, and doing clinics for his endorsers. His guitar instruction DVD Metal Primer is available online and in music stores. He has also contributed a lesson on metal guitar, including excerpts from his DVD to Guitar Wheel's up-and-coming book, Music Theory With The Guitar Wheel. In June 2007 Tommy was a guest instructor at the George Lynch Guitar Dojo Summit and was invited back by George to do more Dojos. Tommy is frequently a featured artist in the Guitar Wheel ads in Guitar Player and Guitar World magazines.


Tommy Bolan's Myspace

N.Y.C.'s Web site

Guitar Wheel Demo Video

Steve Burrows, Nashua, NH, studied at Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA, one of America’s best career music schools. Berklee is where he got his break doing the film "Among Us", which he won an award for best theme song. Other movie soundtracks include two movies "Till Twilight" and "Written in Red".

While writing music for movies you can also find him writing and recording on a never ending collection of commercials, filling in for other bands, helping others by teaching guitar, or laying down guitar parts on collaborations with artists of various styles of music. Steve has been a member of several signed bands and also opened for and toured with many well know bands. Black Sabbath, Queensryche, Iced Earth, and Lamb of God, Alice Cooper, Black Label Society, Alice in Chains, Andy Timmons, Danger Danger, Buckcherry, Yngwie Malmsteen, Crossfade, Gary Hoey, Kings X, Disturbed, Joe Satriani, John Petrucci, Steve Morse are just a few of those acts.

Steve has contributed a blues guitar lesson to our book coming out for the Guitar Wheel. Look for his two new solo albums soon to be released. One of Steve’s albums has the vocal contributions of Jeff Scott Soto of Yngwie Malmsteen and Journey on two tracks. Singers Danny Vaughn of Tyketto and Waysted, Ted Poly of Danger Danger are recording with Steve on the other album. A few more names will be announced soon. Steve’s instrumental CD will be released in February 2007.


Steve Burrow's Myspace

Steve Burrow's Web site

Jason Becker, San Francisco, CA, is without a doubt one of the most influential guitar players of all time. He is named in almost every top guitarist list conceived by magazines and guitar fans, and many are familiar with his story.

At present, Jason continues to compose music. His new album,Collection, will have contributing guest guitarists including Steve Vai, Marty Friedman, Joe Satriani, Michael Lee Firkins, Matt Bissonette, Dave Lopez of Flipsyde, Steve Hunter, and Greg Howe, playing on it. The album will be released October 2008.

When Jason Becker was just seventeen years old, he and Marty Friedman were the guitar duo in the speed metal band Cacophony. Cacophony released two records produced by Mike Varney with Shrapnel Records titled Speed Metal Symphony (1987) and Go Off! (1988). Jason recorded two solo albums, Perpetual Burn (1988) and also A Little Ain’t Enough (1991) with David Lee Roth. Other solo projects by Jason include Perspective (1996), The Raspberry Jams (1999), The Blackberry Jams (2003), Collection (2008). There are many other albums he contributed to and albums made as a tribute to Jason Becker including music videos and performances.


Jason's Becker's Myspace

Jason Becker's Web site

David Shankle

Sonny Lombardozzi, Erie, PN, is a uniquely skilled guitar player; he can play with two hands at the same time on the double-guitar.

Sonny is currently gearing up for his first instructional DVD, as well as heading to China, Singapore, and New Zealand to tour for his first full length CD In The Hall of Hanging Lights. Music has kept him busy over the years as an international touring/session guitarist performing in Canada, Mexico, New Zealand, Australia, and forty one American states. He headlined metal fests in Los Angeles and Australia while playing with the band Incantation. Sonny has held dozens of sold out guitar clinics as well as contributing guest solos to many local and national acts.

Sonny started playing guitar at the age of eleven. He first started on bass then switched to guitar a few months later. At the age of fifteen he was ranked "Top Guitarist" by The Performing School of Arts in Erie, Pennsylvania and pursued studies in jazz. He was the head guitar, bass, and drum tech while studying at the multi-million dollar Platinum Post recording studio, located in Winter Park, Florida. This studio recorded such notable legends as Bon Jovi, Deep Purple, and Michael Jackson. Sonny has also done TV commercials and radio work for local stations in Orlando, Florida.

Sonny has contributed a guitar lesson to our Guitar Wheel instructional book coming out soon. His diligence and focus towards maintaining a high degree of craftsmanship in his guitar playing has been reflected as Sonny being one of the fastest and most accurate guitar players in the United States metal underground. He is also only one of two people to play the double-guitar- a true right handed and true left handed instrument. (The first is the phenomenal Michael Angelo Batio.)


Sonny Lombardozzi's Myspace

Sonny Lombardozzi’s Web site

Rusty Cooley, The Woodlands, TX, is a very well known and highly respected guitarist today. He is one of the founders of and shred metal guitarist for the band OUTWORLD. They have recently released their self-titled debut album. Rusty also has a solo CD on Lion Music and has four instructional DVDs and two performance/clinic DVDs available. Rusty has a column in Guitar Player magazine titled “Metal Guru”. He has also been a featured artist in Guitar Wheel ads in Guitar Player and Guitar World. Also, check out his guitar lesson in Guitar Wheel’s up and coming music theory book.

Rusty Cooley's Myspace

Rusty Cooley’s Web site

Eddie Ojeda New York, NY, is best known among headbangers as one half of the guitar duo in Twisted Sister. In 2006 Ojeda decided to step out on his own, and issued his first solo release, Axes 2 Axes. Naturally the album reflects the heavy metal style of his full-time band. Tracks on the album feature Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider on a metallicized cover of the Beatles’ “Eleanor Rigby”. Other special guest stars include, Ronnie James Dio on the opening track “Tonight”, as well as additional appearances by, Joe Lynn Turner, Rudy Sarzo, Joe Franco, among others. Eddie has a second solo album in the works.

Eleven albums featuring Eddie Ojeda on lead guitar with Twisted Sister are currently available on different major labels. These albums combined have earned 25 gold and platinum records for their world-wide sales.

Check out his instructional guitar DVD “Eddie Ojeda: Twisted Method”.

In 2006, Eddie Ojeda and Twisted Sister were inducted in the Long Island Music Hall of Fame and appeared on the stages of both the Tonight Show with Jay Leno and The Craig Furgeson Show.


Eddie Ojeda's Myspace

Eddie Ojeda’s Web site

Randy Jackson, singer/songwriter and guitar player, has just joined the roster of artists who proudly endorse the Guitar Wheel. Randy is the vocalist and lead guitarist of the band Zebra and is also known for his role as the singer guitar player in the Music of Led Zeppelin Symphony Show. Randy keeps a busy tour schedule playing for Zebra and the Zep Symphony Show. Visit Zebra’s Myspace page for more info

Randy Jackson's Myspace

Zebra's Web site

Marc Cooper, Redding, CA, has been an endorser of the Guitar Wheel and a helpful friend from the very beginning. He is a singer, guitarist, guitar synthesist fanatic, bassist, songwriter, producer, and engineer.

Marc Cooper (Coop) has the winning combination of a fun personality and incredible guitar playing. His career has taken him all over the U.S. and to many countries in Europe, Asia, South America and Africa. His caress on the guitar and ability to play many styles of music have helped him to be able to tour or share the stage with many great performers including Yngwie J. Malmsteen, Joe Walsh, Steve Howe, Danny Gatton, Uli Jon Roth, Milan Polack, pick up designer Seymour Duncan, Delirious, Don Potter, Georgian Banov and many many others. Like a true artist, Marc Cooper, is constantly creating wether he is recording in his studio, performing live, or collaborating on projects with other artists. Companies, Digitech and T.C. Electronics, have asked him to help design effects presets for several of their products. For solo work, check out his CDs titled, "CoopDeVille: Shelter From The Storm" and "Speaking In Other Tongues". His recent project “Unveiled” was co-authored by our mutual friend Patrick Curtin .


Marc Cooper's Myspace

Marc Cooper's Web site

German Schauss, Los Angeles, CA, with dizzying precision and graceful agility, takes us on a journey through the outer limits of sound through mind blowing guitar playing and melodic guitar lines soaring through stratospheric heights against the gravity of a rich and complex orchestral score. Using odd and even meters German fuses the classical influences of Bach, Beethoven and Chopin with modern instrumental rock guitar music through epic music structures and lush soundscapes.

As an Alfred Music book author, composer, performer and educator, German has participated in various music projects from musicals to a funk band, his own solo projects, to teaching at Berklee College of Music, teching at the L.A. Music Academy, being a column writer for Germany’s biggest guitar magazine, writing articles for MelBay and developing an advanced Rock Guitar course on “Shredding Techniques” for the National Guitar Workshop’s online school.

German plays clinics and concerts at international music fair and trade shows such as Musikmesse Frankfurt, the NAMM Show, and other shows around the world. He has also been awarded in 2004, 2005, 2006 and 2007, the ASCAP Plus Award from the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers.


German Schauss's Myspace

German Schauss's Web site

André Poveda, Salvador, Bahia, Brazil, has been awarded 1st Top Artist - Fusion Brazil - 109 times in a row, 1st Top Artist - Fusion Any Country (10/15/07), 2nd Top Artist - Rock Brazil (10/16/07), 4th Top Artist - Metal Brazil (10/16/07), 7th Top Artist - Any Genre - Brazil (10/15/07)

Brazillian guitarist André Luis de Lima Poveda, is a top multi-award winning guitarist in the fusion, rock, and metal genres. Poveda comes from a family known for their musical ability, notably, he is the grandson of a famous maestro, founder of the Orchestra Lira de Santo Amaro da Purificação, in Bahia. He has studied guitar and music theory at the university level for 4 years and is always hungry to learn more.

In 1985 he began to play in garage bands, such as 'Pelotão Rock', and in 1986 he started the band Scarlet, with singer Sacha Gama (RIP). They were very popular in the city of Salvador, Bahia Brazil. In 1993 he was invited to join another legend of Salvador rock: the band 'Zona Abissal', staying until its end in 1998. After a long break between 1998 and 2004, exclusively dedicated to his family, Poveda returned to his music career. He joined the band 'Plexus' in 2004 and 'Animus Necandi' in 2005. Since last year, he's been involved with the production and creation of the 'Waterfalls' project, being responsible for most of the instruments played and the arrangements of the songs. Poveda started to publish his solo material in 2005.


Andre Poveda's Myspace

Andre Poveda’s Web site

Keri Kelli, Huntington Beach, CA, plays guitar in one of the most well known Hard Rock bands of out time Alice Cooper. Keri is also well know in So Cal and the world as a hired axe man for Slash's Snake Pit (the side band of ex Guns and Roses’s guitar player Slash), Vince Neil, Skid Row, Warrant, Ratt, among others. He has produced an album for the band Saints of the Underground (available everywhere).

Kerri Kelli's Myspace

Keri Kelli’s Web site

Rob Balducci, New York, NY, is a progressive instrumental guitarist recording solo albums under Steve Vai’s record label Favored Nations. He has four albums Mantra, Balance, and The Color of LIght, Violet Horizon


Rob Balducci's Myspace

Rob Balducci’s Web site

Marten Anderson, Los Angeles, CA, for over a decade, has been the bassist for the legendary hardrock band Lizzy Borden. Marten also records and tours extensively in George Lynch's (Lynch Mob), Starwood and Legacy among others.


Marten's Myspace

Marten's Web site

Guitarist Ronny North (Los Angeles, CA) will start the New Year by headlining at the kickoff event on the main stage of the Hilton for the 2011 NAMM show in Anaheim, CA. His kickoff performance will feature songs from Ronny and his band’s new CD, Light, available at Best Buy stores. Ronny will also perform and guest star at signing events throughout the weekend-long show for several of his sponsors, including Brace Audio and Rock-n-Roll GangStar Apparel. Ronny’s other upcoming events include two clinics at Sam Ash Music sponsored by Morley, Rock-n-Roll GangStar Apparel, and Dean Markley Strings, Inc.

Ronny North has been featured in such magazines as Guitar Player magazine, Guitar World Magazine, MMR Magazine, and many more US-based and international magazines. Ronny has been featured in ad campaigns for Morley Pedals, Zaolla Cables, Tregan Guitars, JP Guitar Tool, Minarik Guitars, and ManGlaze Nail Polish, to name a few.

In 2010, Ronny kept himself busy teaching several guitar clinics representing Morley and Dean Markley at Guitar Center stores. He opened for such artists as Gary Hoey at the Brixton in August, and he toured in Japan in March. Ronny played at the Long Beach Grand Prix and for NASCAR at the Copart 300 Race at Auto Club Speedway for 15,000 fans, an event that was televised on national TV. Ronny also participated as a celebrity judge for Guitar Center’s 2010 King of the Blues guitar competition and for Sam Ash’s Steve Vai Best in Shred guitar competition.

Ronny also played at the LA Marathon, the Special Olympic Summer Games, Toys for Tots, the 2010 Stand Down event for troops and veterans, and Musicians in Need. Ronny loves to help others through his charitable performances—he’s a great guy who is literally all over the place and living his dream. Check out Ronny and see what all the excitement is about.


Ronny North's Myspace

Ronny North’s Web site

Matt Dasilva, Minneapolis, MN, has been playing guitar for 43 years. He made a living on the East Coast playing in various bar and function bands throughout the 70’s and 80’s. Matt moved to the Twin Cities in 1992 from Salt Lake City, and proceeded to teach computer to a business associate, who then become Matt’s first guitar student in Minnesota. Today in 2007, Matt is a full time guitar teacher. Matt is also President and Founder of March 2 Music Enterprises (1992), which is a company that produces A Guitarist Dream Creation Sheets, and A Guitarist Dream Book Mark Line. Matt is also a contributing author to our book Music Theory With The Guitar Wheel, release date TBA.

Matt Dasilva’s Web site

Leo Cavanagh, Vallejo, CA, is an exceptional guitar player, teacher, performer and author. His life and work in the North San Francisco Bay Area involve leading groups at the Vallejo Shoreline Jazz Art & Wine Festival, Napa Jazz Festival, Yountville Jazz Festival, Cobb Mountain Jazz & Blues Festival, and Washington Square Jazz Series, and as a featured soloist at the last three Healdsburg Guitar Festivals. Leo has also been the Music Director, composing and performing music for, the Napa Valley Shakespeare Festival for four years. He has done songbook transcriptions for well known artist and he is author of the book Beyond Power Chords. He is also one of the contributing authors to the book Music Theory with the Guitar Wheel, available TBA.

Leo Cavanagh’s Web site

Rob Marcello, Sweden, is a professional guitarist and performer in concerts and clinics. He demos product for Roland and Boss and other manufacturers. Currently he plays lead guitar in the band Danger Danger. His latest album entitled “Marcello/Vestry” fantastically features his virtuoso guitar style and Robert's high speed shredding, classic rock guitar style is awe inspiring.

Some of his past bands include: "Ironhorse"(w/ Ron Keel), "Twenty 4 Seven"(w/ Bobby Blotzer of Ratt and John Corabi of Ratt/ex Motley Crue), "M.V.P." feauturing former Yngwie Malmsteen and Loudness vocalist Mike Vescera. Rob proudly endorses the Guitar Wheel calling it "Ingenious!" He told us he wished he had one when he was learning music theory,


Rob Marcello’s Myspace

Buzz Pyle Franklinville, NJ, is of the band UNIT, a hard-hitting, in-your-face hard rock/metal band from South Jersey. Made up of five lunatics with something to prove and a way to vent, UNIT's shows are described as highly energetic and captivating! In fact, UNIT isn't just a band; it's practically a full contact sport. When UNIT hits the stage, anything can happen. Blending a thunderous backbone with crushing riffs and powerful melodies, UNIT’s sound is a combination of influences all across the spectrum, from blues to classic rock to metal. Whether it’s a big venue, small venue, private party, or anything else, there is always a vicious cycle of pure, raw energy circulating between band and crowd. Go see a UNIT show and witness it for yourself!

Buzz Pyle also has a rock/metal guitar instrumental album called FretFury,Inspired by shred style guitar playing.


Buzz Pyle's Myspace

Frett Furry’s Web site

Tony Smotherman, Jacksonville, FL, has opened for and played with a vast array of national and international touring acts including Buddy Miles, Rick Derringer,Leon Russell, and Adrian Legg. He has also released two instructional videos, Virtuoso Techniques released in 2002 and Licks of the Absurd released in mid 2006.

Tony Signed a recording deal in late 2006 with Vision Sound Records in Florida. Vision Sound Records released Tony's 2nd CD "The Light Within" in 2007 . The album is an exploration of Melodic Rock, Cosmic funky grooves, Neo-Classical explorations,World music and intricate Acoustic Compositions . Joining Tony on this release on Keyboards is world-reknowed keyboardist Derek Sherinian (Planet X ,Ex-Dream Theater) and Grammy Award Winning Indian Slide Guitar Virtuoso, Vishwa Mohan Bhatt, and others. Other works by Tony include his first album "Embracing the Spirit" and various recording contributions to other projects. Tony's guitar playing has been recognized and praised by such greatness as Buddy Miles, Rusty Cooly, and even her highness Queen Elizabeth II of England.


Tony Smotherman's Myspace

Tony Smotherman’s Web site

Dan Sindel, Los Angeles, CA, is a master at symphonic guitar. What if the Classical Masters had access to Electric Guitars, Amps, Fuzz Boxes, Wah Wah pedals, Digital Delays, Flangers, Multitrack Hard Disk Recording Devices, Computers and other various Digital Sound Processing toys?

Dan Sindel, a “One Man Orchestra”, recreates orchestral scores by transposing and transcribing the compositions to fit the guitars tonal range… Hundreds of layered guitar tracks create a massive guitar wall of sound.

Dan fully admits that he cannot escape his roots. Born with a full dose of musical DNA from his classically trained mother (a pianist), Dan believes his "roots" are entrenched in the concert band, marching band and orchestra experiences of his youth. It is difficult for him to pinpoint any one major influence. Instead he says he is inspired by a wide range of artists and styles, label and Indie. Dan has also had the privilege of studying guitar with the legendary “Chord Chemist” Ted Greene for many years.

During the mid 80’s, “The Metal Years” of Los Angeles, Dan was in one of the "premiere" bands on the local circuit and shared the stage with many national acts such as: Wendy O. Williams, King Diamond, Armored Saint, Grim Reaper, Racer X, Flotsam & Jetsam, Metal Church etc…

Currently Dan has been recording an extensive catalog of public domain orchestral works showcasing his musical depth and versatility as well as his own diverse musical compositions. Dan thinks "outside the box" and brings a new light to modern guitar playing and arrangement.


Dan Sindel's Myspace

Dan Sindel’s Web site

Dan Sindel Blog

Vince Genella has been working consistently in the music business for over 20 years. Recording, performing, teaching guitar and working as a clinician at trade shows and music stores all over the country. He first picked up his fathers guitar Friday January 28th 1977 and has since studied under a number of teachers. Vince admits his taste has developed into something far too broad to be identified by any single guitarist or style of music. "I listen to everything, not just the guitar; woodwinds, brass, keys, vocal phrasing, anything I can learn from!" This variety has given his style of writing and playing a depth and durability that does not fall apart after the third or fourth listen. His instrumental compositions are led by searing melodic technique and passionate, fiery leads through mature song-oriented hooks and progressions.

Vince combines straightforward lead guitar with a showman's flair to create a dynamic on-stage presence. Currently Vince is working as a clinician for Randall MTS Series Amplifiers and Parker Guitars while maintaining a full teaching schedule, doing studio sessions for others, and recording his own music. Whether teaching, recording or performing Vince gets the job done, and has a blast doing so! "It's all about fun and the love of music. I'm grateful to be able to do what I love!"


Vince Genella's Myspace

Vince Genella’s Web site

Fernando Pareta

Anthony Rufo

Michael Clark

Slick of the band Slick Machine.

Rocky Rodd

Jeff Kylloe

Pierre-Emmanuel Pélisson

Mike McCarron

Chitral “Chity” Sompala

Endorsers not pictured:

Mike Lawson is a best selling book publisher, musician, performer, and songwriter.

Check out his web sites: recommend every Apple and OS X user save this site to their favorites. A cool place to post photos of your guitar, vote, and comment on guitars.

Rich Kirkpatrick is a worship leader, songwriter, and musician at Sunridge Community Church in Temecula, California.

Shaun Gish has been doing music theory related blogs on They are a great read for brushing up on your skills. Read his awesome review of Guitar Wheel.

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Mike Campese is a guitar virtuoso, music performer, session artist, composer, and guitar teacher competent in many musical styles, using both electric and acoustic guitars. Mike’s new CD Electric City (2010) consists of 11 instrumental and three vocal tracks. He has been featured in and has contributed lessons to many national guitar magazines, such as Guitar World Magazine, Guitar Player, Premier Guitar, and several online guitar sites. Mike teaches over 60 students a week and is one of the top teachers in the New York area. He has released three instructional DVDs for Chops From Hell: Virtuoso Rock Fusion Concepts, Creative Speed-Building Picking Techniques, and Melodic Shred. Mike has released six solo CDs to date and performs both locally and nationally. His music has been used in radio, TV, and movies.

Mike attended one of the world’s top guitar schools, Musicians Institute in Hollywood, CA, and graduated with honors. He studied with many great players such as Paul Gilbert, Scott Henderson, Norman Brown, Stanley Jordan, Keith Wyatt, and many more.

Some of Mike’s other accomplishments include having been a member of the Trans-Siberian Orchestra and receiving a gold record for his work in the orchestra. He has also contributed to the Jason Becker tribute CD Warmth in the Wilderness (2001 Lion Music Finland). Mike has performed and opened for many national acts such as Yngwie Malmsteen on two tours, Michael Shenker, The B-52s, Lou Reed, the members of Yes and Asia, KC and the Sunshine band, Spin Doctors, Little Steven, Sylvain Sylvain of the New York Dolls, Sebastian Bach on two tours, Dokken, Kip Winger, Rik Emmett Of Triumph, Vinnie Moore, Lizzy Borden, and many more.


Mike's Campese's Myspace

Mike Campese's Web site

Fred Kowalo (Crescent, PA), a world-touring guitar tech, works for guitarists like Zakk Wylde of Black Label Society, Shine Down, and Alice in Chains. Currently, Fred is a guitar tech for Megadeth, and has worked on three of their albums Endgame (2009 Roadrunner Records), Rust in Peace: Live (2010 Shout Factory!), and The Big 4: Live from Sophia, Bulgaria (2010 Warner Bros), which includes live performances by Metallica, Slayer, Anthrax, and, of course, Megadeth.

When Fred isn’t touring, he’s repairing guitars at Boogie Street Guitars. To see more pictures of Fred and learn more about the work he does and the stars he’s worked with, visit Fred’s page at Fred is an awesome guy whose tech talent makes the music possible.


Boogie Street Guitars Web site

Fred Kowalo's Boogie Street Guitars bio

Guitar education clinician and proud endorser of the Guitar Wheel, Tom Amoriello’s life journey has been to teach guitar music to others. As a sought-after teacher, he presents clinics on “Incorporating the Guitar into Your School Music Program.”

Tom Amoriello was born in Philadelphia and began his formal guitar studies in 1990 at Music Tech of Minneapolis with David Crittenden. He earned a BA in music from Rowan University in New Jersey and a Master of Music (MM) in Performance from Shenandoah University in Virginia. He has studied with Angelo Gilardino and Luigi Biscaldi in Biella, Italy, and master level classes with Benjamin Verdery in Maui, Hawaii. Some of Tom’s accolades include being featured in a segment of Classroom Closeup, which aired on NJN Public Television and an article called “Making a Living as a Classical Guitarist,” in Classical Guitar Magazine (UK).

Tom has a long history as a music educator. He was an adjunct professor of guitar at Cumberland County College in Vineland, New Jersey from1999 through 2005. As an advocate for guitar education in public schools, Tom has presented his "Guitar Workshop for the Music Educator" at many conferences. As a certified New Jersey state music educator, he has founded instructional guitar programs at Sacred Heart High School and at Reading Fleming Intermediate School (RFIS), where he also installed an electric guitar music lab. At RFIS he is the director of the annual Guitar Day event, which introduces over 800 students to the world of the classical guitar each year. Tom is also proud to be a faculty member at Settlement Music School, which is the largest community arts school in the United States, teaching low-income inner city children at the Camden, New Jersey branch.

Tom’s resume includes performing in the pit bands for major musical theatre productions such as Jesus Christ Superstar, Hair!, Godspell, Chess, and many more. He performs and teaches on Giannini Classical Guitars and Carvin Electric Guitars and Amplification. Tom is also an endorser of D'Addario Strings, in addition to the Guitar Wheel.


Tom Amoriello’s Myspace

Tom Amoriello's Web site



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“The Guitar Wheel is the greatest and most to-the-point music theory tool, for anyone, for all music. Everyone should have the Guitar Wheel.The Guitar Wheel rules!”
"My Guitar Wheel is truly PSYKO! It has helped me get a handle on my music theory. Knowledge is power!!"
"I wish I had a Guitar Wheel when I was starting out.”
"The Guitar Wheel is amazing! It's a great little theory reference wheel that has all the info guitarists should know. You can throw it in your guitar case and you don't have to worry about carrying books with you. It covers all 12 keys, unlike some books that don't give you all the info. I will definitely turn my guitar students on to this."

Keyboardist Steve Williams is the driving force behind the British melodic power-metal band Power Quest and plays with tenacity and passion for his music. Power Quest is celebrating 10 years as a band with its newest album, Blood Alliance, released January 2011 in Japan, and March 2011 worldwide. In 2007, Power Quest signed with Napalm Records, and they will perform live at Hard Rock Hell Ibiza, Spain, June 2011 and at the Bloodstock Open Air Festival in Catton Hall in London, England, August 2011, with more dates to be announced. Steve is a former member of DragonForce and DSG, and previously has toured with Helloween, Angra, Firewind, and Threshold.

Find more information about Steve and Power Quest’s appearances at the links listed below.


Steve's Myspace

Power Quest's Myspace

Steve's Twitter



"I have found the Guitar Wheel to be an invaluable teaching aid with students and can't recommend it enough."

Tony Fredianelli of Third Eye Blind

Guitarist Alfredo Herz is known not only for his technical guitar-playing skills, but also his versatility and high-energy stage performance. Alfredo recently toured as band member with American Idol’s season seven runner-up David Archuleta, and Alfredo is endorsed by Inferno Hand Crafted Guitars, Do Denim clothing, Xotic Guitars and Effects, and BICO accessories.

Some of Alfredo’s other accomplishments include performing live on national television and presenting seminars at McNally Smith College of Music in Saint Paul, Minnesota. He also guest authors articles and columns for guitars magazines online, including as Guitar Nine Records, Chops From Hell, Guitarz Forever, and Spain’s Cutaway Guitar Magazine. A guitarist with many talents, he has also helped edit Greg Howe’s online instructional video seminars.

Alfredo’s first instrumental CD, RAW (2009), is available on iTunes, and some of his tracks can be heard in the shows Guitar Radio, Eugene/Springfield, OR (KRVM 91.9 FM); Let There Be Rock, Boschtion, Netherlands (Cable 87.5 FM/Radio 95.2 FM); Shames World, Kirchdorf and Oberösterreichand, Austria (90.4 FM);, and Global Radio Network.

Alfredo Herz, born and raised in Veracruz, Mexico, began playing guitar at age 15 and was influenced by players such as Greg Howe, Jimi Hendrix, and Nuno Bettencourt. After moving to the United States, Guitar Nine Records named Alfredo as one of the "undiscovered artists" in 1998. Following this recognition, he studied with his favorite guitarist, Greg Howe, in Pennsylvania. Ever since, Alfredo has won various Guitar Center and Mars Music guitar competitions, as well as first place Yamaha-Coca Cola Music Quest in Veracruz, Mexico. He has also won numerous Battle of the Bands competitions, and some of his bands have shared the stage with national acts, including Cake, Helmet, and Sixpence None the Richer.


Alfredo's Myspace

Alfredo's Facebook

Alfredo's Twitter

Alfredo's YouTube Channel

"The Guitar Wheel brings the understanding of the relationship between music theory and the guitar fredboard to a new level."
“The Guitar Wheel is ingenious.”
"All the theory you need in one convenient place and best of all it fits in your case."
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Eric Maldonado 

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Matthew S. Ablan is a guitarist and music educator in Charlotte, North Carolina. He began studying the guitar at age twelve with Richard Rabatin in his hometown on Long Island, New York. Mr. Ablan received his bachelor’s degree from SUNY Stony Brook where he studied guitar with Jerry Willard and holds a master’s degree in guitar performance from The Cleveland Institute of Music studying with both John Holmquist and Jason Vieaux. Additionally, Matthew holds a master’s degree in music education from Case Western Reserve University.

A devoted teacher, Mr. Ablan is the former adjunct instructor of classical guitar studies at Allegheny College in Meadville, PA. He has also been a guitar instructor at both the Fairmount School of Music in Cleveland Heights, OH and The Broadway School of Music and Arts in Cleveland, OH. Matthew is founder/author of The Guitar Teaching Blog – a monthly blog dedicated to guitar pedagogy and education.

As a performer, Mr. Ablan has an eclectic background - he has: been the staff accompanist on Flamenco guitar for the Fairmount Fine Arts Center in Russel, OH, performed as the guitarist for Gabriel’s Horns (a praise big band) in Cleveland, OH and is the former music director/guitarist of The Lake Norman Big Band in Cornelius, NC. Currently, he performs in and around the Charlotte, NC area as part of the Matt & John Acoustic Duo and Ten String Theory.

Most recently Mr. Ablan has added the title of "Guest Lecturer" to his list of accomplishments speaking at the 2012 Guitar Foundation of America Annual Festival and Competition in Charleston, SC.


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“An ingenious device that should be in the hands of all teachers and students of the guitar”