Quick answers. The Guitar Wheel has a book's

worth of information, the all-in-one music theory tool.

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I ordered two of these a few months ago, and now I wanted to order some more. For some reason, they keep walking out of my house and into my friends houses (you should really make a version that doesn't have legs). But seriously, my friends are loving these and taking mine, so I need to order some more.


Taylor D., Germantown, TNContact_Us.html


This is just what I have been looking for to teach my students music theory. This is great.

Arthur, music teacher in Pomona, CAContact_Us.html

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Pictured here is the Guitar Side of the Guitar Wheel showing the key of G major. Rotate the white Key Selector to study any key. The Guitar Wheel has two sides: the Guitar Side and the Piano Side. Each side is divided into sections further broken down by diagrams and colors. The Guitar Side is designed like a curved fretboard map of the guitar, while the Piano Side is designed to be useful for any musician. Use the Guitar Wheel to help you discover the patterns and basic principles of music theory. Study each section with confidence that it will reinforce and reveal more of the wonderful mystery of music theory to you. The more you look at a diagram or a side of the Guitar Wheel™, the more its depth will begin to pop out at you.

Artists who endorse the Guitar Wheel include:

Tommy Bolan

Jason Becker

Rusty Cooley

Eddie Ojeda

Randy Jackson

David Shankle

Rob Balducci

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  1. One tool does it all! 

  2. A must-have for any musician or vocalist!


Guitar Wheel benefits:

  1. Turn the tab to study every musical key

  2. Double-sided music theory tool for guitar, piano, or any instrument

  3. A book’s worth of information on front and back, and fits in your guitar case

  4. Curved guitar neck design for easy visualization of theory on the guitar

  5. Excellent educational aid for schools, colleges, universities, and music stores that offer lessons

  6. Costs less than a guitar lesson, needs no batteries, and is always ready when you need it

  7. Chords with fingerings, inversions, scales, minors, key signatures, transposing, and more!

  8. Music theory for every key!

  9. Guitar Wheel features:

  10. Chords: major, minor, and diminished

  11. Scales: major, minor, pentatonic, and blues

  12. Guitar chord fingerings

  13. Inversions

  14. Degrees

  15. Intervals

  16. Enharmonic equivalents

  17. Displays a unique note map of the guitar fret board to help you visualize music theory on the guitar

  18. Transpose songs and arrangements

  19. Provides a teaching reference for the piano keyboard and music staff

  20. Find concert pitch for your instrument in the orchestra

  21. Circle of fifths (5ths)

  22. Study music theory in any key for any instrument, simply by turning the tab


The Guitar WheelTM is a all-in-one quick reference guide and study tool for music theory and for all musicians and for all instruments.

The Guitar Wheel is a visual two-sided music theory tool  covering every musical key. The curved guitar neck design on the Guitar Side allows for easy visualization of theory on the guitar. Flip it over to the Piano Side for more in-depth music theory for piano, or any instrument, and even vocalists. It is an excellent study tool and a songwriting/composing tool for schools, colleges, and universities. Instructions include Spanish and German translations.

We created the Guitar Wheel because musicians want and need a all-in-one quick reference for music theory. The Guitar Wheel  is also more convenient than other options. There aren’t hundreds of pages to thumb through looking for answers. It’s always on, you don’t need a power adapter or batteries. And if  accidentally spill your coffee on it, just wipe it off and it’s good as new.

Watch Tommy Bolan demonstrate The Guitar Wheel

Tommy Bolan talks about the features of the Guitar Wheel in plain New York English.Runtime 5:18.

The Guitar Wheel has two sides which display music theory in a unique way. The Guitar Side helps guitarists visualize how music theory works, the way many guitarists are used to thinking about music—on their guitar fretboard! The Piano Side is a sizable music theory reference for any musician. Included on the Piano side are a piano staff and piano keyboard as supportive reference.

Studying music theory in any key is made possible by turning the key selector tab. Find quick answers to questions on the go or study it to better understand music theory. The more you look at the Guitar Wheel, the more “jumps out” at you and the mysteries of music theory will begin to unravel.

When you’re ready, feel free to browse all the Guitar Wheel videos, read instructions on how to use the Guitar Wheel, buy the Guitar Wheel, or locate a music store where you can purchase a Guitar Wheel.

Praise for the Guitar Wheel:

“One of the most outstanding educational resources.”

  1. —Guitar World, July 2009

“It bridges the gap between feel and theory...”

  1. The Tone King,

“Terrifically helpful...does all the heavy lifting and let's the teacher teach. Simply put, the Guitar Wheel is concise and complete, and does exactly what it says. Rating 4.0.”

  1. Premier Guitar Magazine, October 2008, read full article...

“The Guitar Wheel is the ultimate visual tool for the serious musician, music educator, and student. Easy-to-use and simply understandable, it clearly presents the relationships of keys, chords, and scales. It’s a must-have tool for the serious musician!”

  1. —German Schauss, guitar instructor at Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA, the Los Angeles Music Academy, and Workshoplive.com

"The Guitar Wheel is an excellent product that helps guitar students understand music theory. It is a great addition for the teachers that attend our workshops."

  1. —Glen McCarthy

  2. Chair, MENC Guitar Education Team

  3. Teaching Guitar Workshops

“I wish I had the Guitar Wheel when I was studying music theory. Every musician should own one.”

  1. Steve Burrows, performer, recording artist, and teacher

“All the theory you need in one convenient place, and best of all it fits in your case.”

—Eddie Ojeda of Twisted Sister

  1. Read more Testimonials and Artist Quotes

The Guitar Wheel is the only music theory tool of its kind so enthusiastically accepted by guitarists and endorsed by top musicians and teachers.


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